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Instant Payments
Low Fees

All of our products use the Bitcoin Lightning Network to send or receive bitcoin. Lightning payments are fast, cheap, and have better privacy than on-chain transactions.

With Lightning payments, you only pay routing fees which are significantly cheaper than on-chain miner fees. This gives you a competitive advantage over other ATMs in the market.


Smooth Customer Experience

Using the Bleskomat ATM is simpler and more reliable than other Bitcoin ATMs. The customer inserts fiat bank notes, pushes a button on the ATM, scans the QR code with their Lightning mobile wallet, then within seconds they receive their bitcoin.

A new generation of Bitcoin Lightning wallet apps have arrived. Sending and receiving bitcoin is finally easy and cheap enough to use for every day in-person transactions.

Offline and Off-The-Grid

The Bleskomat ATM is the world's first offline Bitcoin Lightning ATM. It doesn't need its own internet connection because the mobile wallet on the customer's phone will request the Lightning payment from the backend server on behalf of the ATM.

The compact size and relatively low energy consumption makes the Bleskomat ATM a perfect choice for food trucks, festivals, and outdoor events.

Freedom to Self-Host

Bleskomat puts you in control.

You decide how far down the Bitcoin rabbit hole to go. Self-host some or all of your Bitcoin Lightning infrastructure on your own hardware or in the cloud.

We are happy to help with your infrastructure setup process.

Bleskomat Platform

Update and configure the firmware of your Bleskomat device directly in the browser, receive notifications in case of payment failures, view statistics, manage fees, buy limits, and more.

A subscription to the Bleskomat Platform is included with the purchase of any Bleskomat Bitcoin ATM, payment terminal, or DIY kit.



Get help from the team via email or in the official Bleskomat Telegram group chat. We're happy to help even with custom setups. We also provide plenty of how-to guides, informative articles, and other documentation.

The device firmware and server software is open-source, so you have everything you need to continue the operation of your ATMs for years into the future even if Bleskomat the company does not.

Join The Economic Revolution

Running your own Bitcoin ATM has never been easier.


The Bleskomat Team

We are dedicated to the idea that Bitcoin ATMs and payment terminals should be everywhere.

Charles Hill (a.k.a. "chill")


Charles is a programmer, researcher, and hacker. He is a long-time open-source contributor and for the past few years he has been working full-time developing projects in the Bitcoin community.

Carlos GarcĂ­a Ortiz (@karliatto)


Carlos is a software developer passionate about learning, sharing and building new projects in the Bitcoin space.