The next generation Bitcoin ATM: Instant payments, low fees, easy setup.

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  • Instant Payments

    The world's first Lightning-only ATM that you can buy. Your customers will receive their Bitcoin instantly - no more waiting for confirmations. Insert fiat bills and coins, scan a single QR code, receive satoshis that are ready-to-spend in seconds.

  • Low Fees

    Our ATM doesn't use the blockchain directly. Instead of paying miner fees, your ATM will pay only routing fees to send payments to customers via the Lightning Network. This means that you can charge your customers lower fees than other ATMs.

  • Easy Setup and Administration

    Use our web platform to easily configure your ATM's exchange rate, fees, and more. We integrate with most Lightning Network node software and several third-party service providers.

  • Works Offline

    The Bleskomat ATM is offline by default. It doesn't require WiFi or a data connection to function. After the initial setup, all it needs is power. This makes it ideal for food trucks, festivals, and other low-connectivity environments.

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Beta Testing Phase

Hello and thank you for your interest in our project.

We are still in the early beta testing phase in partnership with local businesses and cryptocurrency enthusiasts in Prague, Czech Republic. If you are located in Europe and have a physical shop, business, or venue where you would like to place your own Bleskomat ATM, please reach out to us.

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